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Devus Newsletter – Lock him up in The Fort

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My neighbour reckons he can get my bike back on the road for a couple of hundred quid. I was expecting it to cost a lot more as its been standing outside for 3 years.

Estimate later!

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Pup Hood Prototype


What do you think of this early prototype dog hood? Please send me your comments. Good or Bad.


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New Muzzle and Dogtails back in stock


Devus Silicone Puppy Tails, better than the market leader, and half the price, are back in stock.


The New Muzzle is also  now in stock!

The price is £79/$132* but if you use discount code “MUZZLE” you get it at for £49.95/$83.50* (introductory offer). That’s about 36% off.

You need to go through full checkout to enter the discount code, not via PayPal Express which misses out a few steps (you can still pay with PayPal or Card).

* Dollar conversions are approximate

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